Anxious Borders – Berlin (GER) & Mersin (TR)

Anxious Borders
Mersin, Turkey and Berlin, Germany

in collaboration with Apartment Project (Berlin), Carbon Collective (Mersin)
funded by TANDEM EU – TURKEY
June 2015 – August 2016


Anxious Borders addresses invisible borders in the urban landscape which delineate spaces of bureaucratic neglect and/or political refuge from spaces that are designated for the “true” inhabitants of the city, namely those who enjoy full citizenship rights in the eyes of the state.

In Mersin, Turkey and Berlin, Germany, Spacedigger and Carbon Collective come together to hold workshops for groups of artists/architects, urbanists, and social scientists. These workshops introduce participants to social field research and innovative information design. Participants then explore questions of inclusion and exclusion through qualitative and quantitative research techniques, creatively mapping out the lived urban landscape as experienced by a variety of different social groups. In Mersin, the workshops address the city as experienced by migrants and inhabitants of neighborhoods underserved by the state. In Berlin, the workshops focuses on Soldinerkiez, Berlin-Wedding.

TANDEM Turkey – EU is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).